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Rubber Roof Coating

A rubber roof coating will save your EPDM roof from destruction and save you time and money! If you are looking to improve your commercial roof in Omaha, and lower your energy costs, a rubber roof coating is the answer. Rubber roof coatings don’t just eliminate existing problems; they help prevent future roof issues. Contact us right away to schedule a consultation, so we can start saving you money!
Add years of life to your roof with a rubber roof coating

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Commercial Rubber Roof Coating

When you think your roof can’t be saved, consider a commercial roof coating. We specialize in roof coatings and we’d love to put our expertise to work for you.

Commercial rubber roof coatings improve your existing roof in a multitude of ways. The coating adds an extra layer of protection against leaks and acts as a barrier between your roof and the harsh elements. When you enhance the performance of your roof with a rubber roof coating, you are increasing its lifespan by many years. A rubber roof coating will also considerably lower your energy costs because you won’t need to use your HVAC system as much.

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Rubber Coating Replacement

Rubber roof coatings are especially important for older EPDM roofs because the old rubber will start to crack and shrink. Once the old rubber cracks and starts to shrivel up, it’s not offering much in the way of protection from the elements. Our seasoned roofing professionals will expertly refurbish your rubber roof before applying the rubber roof coating for a seamless finish. Once we are through you can rest easy knowing your roof is secure for years to come.

Rubber Coating Replacement Lincoln

New Rubber Roof Coating

As with any roof coating, it’s important to make sure the rubber roof coating bonds to the existing roof. Our team will carefully prepare your commercial roof by first power washing your roof with a special cleaner to make sure any dirt, debris, and rust is removed. After that, our unique primer is applied, followed by a base coat. Then we apply fabric seams that form a strong bond with the base coat and prevent leaks from occurring. Lastly, your commercial roof gets a finishing top coat.

The light-colored rubber roof coating will reflect around 80% of the sun’s heat away from your building, which is a huge improvement when you compare it to your previous dark colored roof. Your roof will be up to 50 degrees cooler now, which means that the inside of your building will be a lot more comfortable and you don’t have to overtax your AC system. Plus, your new and improved roof will have a Class A fire resistance rating.

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