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Foam Roof Coating

Foam roof coating is an inventive fix to the age old problem of a leaky roof. Instead of replacing your entire commercial roof, let our skilled roofers restore and enhance your roof with a foam coating. Roof restoration is a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement. With a foam roof coating, you can count on your roof to protect your building for many more years to come. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Commercial Foam Roof Coatings

Using spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF) to coat commercial roofs is an innovative solution that eliminates leaks as well as the need for a full roof tear off. A roof replacement takes much longer than roof restoration with foam roof coating, so labor costs are higher with a reproofing job. Opting for a foam coating means you will save time and money, and your roof will be stronger than ever.

The foam roof coating we use has a 6.2 R-value and 85% reflectivity. Because the foam coating deflects most of the sun’s heat away from your roof, you will see considerably lower energy costs. Your HVAC system will also last longer when it isn’t constantly overworked. Our foam roof coating has earned the government’s ENERGY STAR rating which means you could gain possible tax benefits for retro-fitting your roof to be energy-efficient.

The foam roof coating we use comes with a 10 to 12-year warranty, but most of the time, your foam roof will last even longer than that. The long lifespan of a foam roof coating means it pays for itself in the form of lower energy costs.

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Foam Coating Replacement

When our foam roof coating specialists arrive for your consultation, they will inspect your entire roof to pinpoint trouble spots. Afterward, you will receive a detailed written estimate of the foam roof coating process. We promise there won’t be any sneak fees hidden in the estimate or high-pressure sales tactics. If we feel your roof could be helped by a small patch versus a foam coating replacement, we will let you know.

Before we begin installation, we take great care in prepping your commercial roof. Since the coating can be applied over your existing roof, the prep phase doesn’t take as long as it would for a replacement. You will save time and money because labor costs are down, not to mention we won’t be flooding the landfill with your old roofing materials.

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New Foam Coating Installation

Once your roof is fully prepped, we are ready to begin the foam roof coating installation process. Don’t worry about having to close your business down while we work. With roof restoration, there is very little disturbance. Because foam roof coatings don’t require metal flashing, you won’t hear us hammering away while you are trying to work.

We begin the process by cleaning your commercial roof through scrubbing and spray washing. It’s important that the roof surface is clean before the foam coating is applied. Next, foam is applied to the existing roof, followed by a base coat, and then finished with a top coat. The result is three layers of seamless insulation. Without the existence of seams, there is no path for the water to take to permeate the insulation.

Because foam is so lightweight, we can also add granules over the top coat, which will give your roof the appearance of asphalt tile.

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